Pan-African system integration company, CWG Plc last week in Abuja showcased its Unified Cooperative Platform (UCP), as the Cooperative world, held its International Day of Cooperative 2019 (CoopsDay) themed “COOPS FOR DECENT JOBS”.

Speaking to Journalists on the sideline of the event, Mr. Charles Ibonye, Business Director, Emergent at CWG Plc, explained that the Unified Cooperative Platform (UCP) is a technology solution developed by CWG in collaboration with the National Cooperative Financing Agency Limited (CFAN).

He said he essence of the platform is to meet the operational needs of Cooperative Societies in Nigeria, disclosing that the platform allows for efficiencies in diving Member, Accounts and Credit Risk Management processes; with high end security features and access to a centralised financial services ecosystem; amongst other benefits.

“UCP creates visibility to the Cooperative Societies and its members; closing the gap on access to key benefits like access to healthcare, food, insurance, pension, affordable housing and so much more. Details on how to join the movement was simply by the registration of individual Cooperatives via and follow the set-up process to get the best support from the solution,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the focal messaging of the International Day of Cooperative 2019 was to inform the public that Cooperatives are people-centred enterprises, characterized by democratic control that prioritise human development and social justice within the workplace.

“Cooperatives help to preserve employment and promote decent work in all sectors of the economy. Through participation, members have a motivation to change their lives, their communities and the world,” said Mr. Emmanuel Atama, Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer, National Co-operative Financing Agency of Nigeria (CFAN).

He stated that through #CoopsDay, Local, National and Global Policymakers, Civil-Society Organisations and the Public in general can learn how cooperatives contribute to a decent working environment; hence the theme for this year. The event, according to him, underscored the contributions of the Cooperative movement to resolving some major problems addressed by the United Nations and to strengthening and extending the Partnerships between the International Cooperative movement and other stakeholders.

Unified Cooperative Platform and all National Co-operative Financing Agency of Nigeria partners came together at the Public Lecture, to update Cooperatives on the advancements made in the various sectors, with particular attention on Financial Institutions, Renewable Energy, Non-interest Banking, all these initiatives will all be available within a platform. Driving enterprise with the use of technology and understanding how technology will steward Cooperative movement to the next level of advancement.