The Nigerian Government is finally stepping up measures to address the scarcity of prepaid meters for electricity consumers. The Government has given approval to 30 companies to take over the distribution and installation of prepaid meters.

The newly approved companies are CWG Plc, Carlin Concept International Nigeria Limited, Onenation Energy Platform Nigeria Limited, Armese Consulting Limited, Damtaq Limited, Powerup Projects International Limited, Esinos Resources International Limited and Techadvance Limited.

Recall that NERC recently gave an approval to 22 companies in May.

Nigerian Prepaid Meters Distributor Develops Smart Metering Solution for Electricity Consumers
Nigeria’s power sector continues to underperform even in a new regime.

CWG Plc, one of the country’s largest system integration companies, has acknowledged receipt of its license to procure prepaid meters.

In a statement issued by the company, CWG will proceed to obtain Meter Asset Provider Permit from the NERC after entering into Metering Service Agreement with Electricity Distribution Companies.

The Meter Asset Provider Permit allows CWG and other licensees to finance, procure, install, repair and replace electricity meters according to the MAP Regulations 2018.

CWG Introduces Smart Prepaid Meters
On its own part, CWG is leveraging tech innovations to provide efficiency in the distribution and maintenance of prepaid meters in the country. The company has developed “Smart Metering Solution,” a holistic solution that tackles a myriad of challenges.

Some of these challenges include meter tampering, theft, and monitor and measure usage for improved power efficiencies.

Nigerian Prepaid Meter Distributor Develops Smart Metering Solution for Electricity Consumers
Prepaid meters are scarce and rarely available in Nigeria.

Interestingly, the solution works as a mobile app for electricity consumers and distribution companies. The solution detects and alerts companies where theft or tampering is ongoing within three minutes.

Also, this solution is scalable and requires minimal sophisticated technology or expensive hardware.

Once fully integrated, the CWG utility solution has the potential to make the power industry more efficient and profitable. However, it is not clear though, if this solution would be spread to other prepaid meter procuring companies.