Technology solution company, CWG Plc, said it was set to revolutionise the power sector in Nigeria through its smart metering devices. The new technology, which has full local content development, was conceptualized and designed locally by CWG in partnership with a foreign firm.
The technology, according to the firm, is capable of generating more revenue for government and the Discos, while blocking electricity leakages and providing better payment options for electricity consumers.

Discussing the new technology at a seminar organised for Technology Editors in Lagos recently, the Group Chief Executive Officer, CWG Plc, Mr. James Agada, said the company has the capacity to partner with Discos for the full deployment of the new metering technology that comes with electricity theft prevention devices, back end software, mobile app, WiFi enabled and could be used as postpaid or prepaid meter.

Agada explained that with their Right of Way (RoW) license across the country, the Discos could offer fibre cabling services, while the poles, Towers and distribution points could serve as Microcell Towers, WiFi Hotspots, IoT hubs, and Aggregators. He further noted that the customer addresses at their disposals could be accessed for a fee for logistic planning while the Bill payment history and energy consumption can be used for income prediction and classification and credit scoring. The company said the Smart Meter will, aside from the traditional functions of a metering device, work as a WiFi hotspot and has the capability of transmitting Digital Television signal into homes. “We can use Value Added Services to solve the energy crisis we are facing today. The meter comes with a mobile application. It is software-controlled and therefore can run as either postpaid or prepaid.”

Also, the Vice President, Corporate Development at CWG Plc, Mr. Daniel Shobhan Das, said the new technology from CWG would help address all categories of electricity consumers in the country, which he classified as unbilled, non-paying and unknown consumers who are all consumers of distributed electricity from Discos.

He said although some electricity consumers were known to be payment worthy, but they operate outside the official billing network of Discos, while some are known but pay to corrupt officials and some operate illegal metres. “All these identifies challenges are crippling revenue generation, but our solution has the capability to address all of that and put an end to electricity leakages,” Das said.

According to him, Discos are faced with lack of finance for metering and theft prevention technology and they are severely under debt and unable to provide payment bank guarantees for meter purchase orders. He further explained that the Discos had been reported to be defaulting on payments to metre manufacturers who have supplied based on payment promises.

Das however said the CWG smart metering technology has theft prevention devices, utility analytics and healthy utility that will help Discos generate more revenue. “The smart metre has high speed 4G LTE Modem, Wi-Fi Router inbuilt into the CIU for wireless internet access, remote off/on of electric supply line, mobile and web-based token recharge with manual option as a failsafe measure, as well as a web-based dashboard view and control of the energy consumption,” Das said.

Group Head, Brand and Marketing Communications, CWG Plc, Anthonia Ehanmo said CWG would continue to address specific Nigerian challenges though innovative technology solution. CWG has expanded its operations to Ghana, Cameroon and Uganda, with plans to expand into other African countries, Ehanmo added.