Leading Technological solutions provider, CWG Plc has gone into an agreement with GRG Banking to engage in massive deployment of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) across the country. This is expected to support Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) drive towards attaining its financial inclusion target by 2020. Vice President, Sales and Marketing, overseeing Product Management, CWG Plc, Mr. Adewale Adeyipo, said the deal would further deepen the firm’s penetration in the financial sector in Nigeria.

Adeyipo noted that presently, CWG currently supports over 30% of the installed based ATM in Nigeria, explaining that the arrangement with GRG Banking will make ATM’s more accessible to Nigerians. According to him, CWG has over 450 support hubs connected to various ATM, stressing that the firm is working presently with 11 financial institutions in the country. In his words: “There is no state or city where we don’t have ATM machines fully installed for our clients. The ATM service is the biggest drive for us and we are working assiduously with financial institutions to make cash available to their customers at all times”

According to him, GRG Banking has developed superior technology that aids ATM’s efficiency; performing more than 16000 transactions monthly without experiencing any downtime, hence the need to work alongside them to improve customer satisfaction. He said: “Our ATM business is very interesting and it is a business angle we started about 20 years ago. CWG has since evolved and we are part of the success story in the financial service space today.”

“We believe that everything we need in an organization resonates more with an organisation of GRG’s caliber. Their level of professionalism cannot be overlooked, as they had on their own, made efforts to invest time and resources in a bid to understand the peculiarity of the ATM business in Nigeria.” “So we conducted due diligence on them as well, to cross reference the organization’s principles, projects they had successfully conducted and places they have operated in and having done that, we feel it is the right time to introduce them to our customers, work with them and create more success stories we can be proud to put our name and brand behind.”

Speaking in the same vein, the Sales Manager, Africa Region, GRG Banking, Mr. George Kaloutas, said one of the major benefits of this relationship between CWG Plc and GRG Banking is to democratize the spread of ATM’s and position it within the reach of every Nigerian. Kaloutas assured customers that the firm’s technological solution is highly effective and could combat fraudsters even from the point of using a customer’s ATM card. He stressed that with the agreement in place, customers can have easy access to cash on demand, affirming that most ATM’s operated by the company is always up and running consistently.

In his words: “We are bringing equipment that are very robust because you do not want your customers to walk to an ATM and they realize that it is not functional. An added value is level of flexibility of the GRG machines; this makes it possible to conform and build equipment features that are peculiar with the needs of the local market in Nigeria.” GRG Banking is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Radio Group (GRG) in China. A State owned organization which ranks Top 100 IT companies in China with businesses covering many areas; such as smart transaction solutions, public security with AI technologies like bio-metrics identification, image and video analysis, big data and much more.