As part of its re-positioning strategy, Nigeria’s largest Information Technology Integration Company, CWG Plc says it has restructured itself into a sector-focused unit, where it deals with the Telecommunications, Financial Service Institutions, Utilities, Government and the Emerging markets.

According to CWG, the restructuring of the company to focus on these various sectors, is part of a process the Company embarked on to fix it inside, so it can locally produce tailored made solutions for each of the sectors.

“We have re-strategised into structures that focus on Key Markets of the Economy; we are now providing/offering our bespoke solutions to the Telcos, FSI, Utilities, Government and Emergent markets. Those are some of strategic initiatives we took to get the company to where it is today,” CWG’s Chief Operating Officer, Kunle Ayodeji told Journalists in Lagos.

Highlighting the solutions for each sector, Ayodeji pointed out that CWG provides products and services such as Finedge, Vericash(In Partnership with CIT of Egypt), ATM-as-a-Service and Point of Sales terminals in the Financial Service Institutions space. He also added that CWG currently provides managed S&S to the CBA that supports over 60 percent of all Banking transactions in Nigeria today.
For Telecommunications, he disclosed that CWG provides Managed Services, IT Infrastructure Support and Integration to major Telecommunication giants such as MTN and Etisalat. He revealed that apart from providing managed services for the Telcos, CWG’s Enterprise Servers and Storage is being used to route over 50 percent of mobile calls in Nigeria.

“We believe that Government is a critical sector, so we have created e-Government solutions that will boost Government’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR),” he said. Ayodeji revealed that the solution is already being used by Kano State for building permits, business permits and stamp duty.
Speaking further, the Company’s COO added that CWG has developed and deployed solutions for Utility Companies such as Waste Management firms, Electricity Distribution Companies, Transmission Companies, Natural Gas Distribution and Water Corporations. These solutions are BillsnPay; which make transactions between these companies and their clients easier and Smart Utility a solution for Smarter Cities; as it regulates lifestyle billings and utility choices of the populace.

CWG is indeed a company working towards the growth of the Nation as all its homegrown solutions are born out of a need to better the Nation’s economy and the lot of its citizens. the restructuring, which started in 2015 is part of a push by CWG to reposition and re-engineer its original business model, which positioned us as a re-seller; buying products from the global known names and selling to its customers. The company believes that the opportunities to stay relevant in that space is limited, especially on the heel of the foreign exchange crisis that wiped off all the profits of most companies that depended on FX transactions.