The Chief Executive Officer of CWG Plc, Mr. James Agada has said, the Pan-African Information and Communications Technology Company is dedicating the success story thus far to God, clients, staff and partners; as part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations being marked this year.

Agada said CWG was known for deploying cutting edge Technology solutions that enable the growth of its clients’ businesses and it was a major milestone to be celebrated with all those who have consistently believed in the company’s products and services.

“This year, CWG, we will be 25 years as a company. We couldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for our loyal customers who believed in the quality of Technology solutions we could proffer. It has been a long and often hard road, one which has taught us strongly how to weather the storms. We have grown both internally and externally, had our shares of highs and lows and then some more highs. All these were because our clients and Partners kept taking a chance on us. Hence, CWG has deliberately singled them out for a huge ‘Thank You’; as we mark our Silver Jubilee,” a visibly sobered Agada said while reflecting on CWG’s 25 years of doing business in Nigeria.

Agada noted that CWG is aware of the popular maxim that says ‘to whom much is given is also expected,’ and so will continue to offer the best of technology that our clients can effectively and efficiently use to run their businesses.

He further went on to say that the CWG’s operational landscape has undergone quite a bit of changes in the last few years, necessitated by the need to ensure relevance with the changing tide in the economy. Firstly, with the turn of the year, it is adopting a new name CWG Plc rather than Computer Warehouse Group; this is more apt as CWG’s business portfolio bears more than just computer sales as its previous name depicted. The operational model has evolved from being a reseller to a provider of operational and maintenance Support Services and presently to serving as the leading provider of platforms and services that enable growth for varying sectors of the economy.

CWG offers IT Infrastructure Hardware Services; Software Services, Communications Services, Managed Services and Cloud Services/CWG 2.0. With its core values still intact, they operate out of 4 African Countries; Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Cameroun. With a number of International Partners; CWG has evolved, presently with an array of bespoke Technology Home-grown solutions.

Agada, who assumed the position of CWG’s CEO last year, narrated his experience as the CEO of Nigeria’s largest Systems Integrator, saying it is a big challenge becoming a CEO at a time when the Nigeria economy was doing its own transition. This challenges however ensured that the Company was forced to look inwards and make more strategic decisions to survive, pointing out that the significant thing people forget is that rarely do you have successful Founders to new Executive transition, but it has happened in CWG; with him becoming the CEO.

As a business, the Transition has not been easy, coupled with the transition and other factors going on in the business environment as well; “it was a big challenge here, but we have made it work; hence showcasing that a Nigerian IT company transiting from its Founder to a New Management structure can keep up its successes. Of course, all the changes that are happening everywhere make it an interesting and combustible mix. I will say it has been one year of changes from every direction; internal and external changes. We are surviving and rising, despite the ambush of 2016; we have learnt some tricks to avoid that of 2017 and stay firm and solid. All in all this gives us reason to smile as our Anniversary comes up and forge plans for the next 25years as well.