In a bid to build economic capacity, CWG Academy, the Training arm of Nigeria’s largest System Integration Company, CWG Plc; has launched an initiative geared towards equipping students, particularly those in Secondary Schools in Software and Coding skills. The training is Free and the Pilot phase began at the Head Office in Lagos first quarter of 2017. It simply requires interested Secondary Schools to volunteer or recommend its best five students of Computer Studies to the Academy in a bid to encourage their interest in exploring their technology skills. It is a 2-3 weeks rigorous Software Training programme and ultimately will teach the rudiment of software coding.

This initiative which falls under the Group’s CSR initiative for 2017 has been tagged the CWG D-Coder programme. The essence of the training is to prepare these Secondary School Students who have an interest in Software Coding to realize the expectations before proceeding to the Higher Institutions to Study any Software related courses, said Mr. Ireti Yusuf, Director, Technical Services at CWG, who is the Coordinator of the Training Programme. He said CWG Plc, as a Technology Company, focused on deploying Technology Solutions that enable growth is organizing this programme to enable students who have a passion in ICT with emphasis on Software and Coding get the first hand opportunity and exposure required to start off on the path to becoming an expert in it.

The Group, Human Resources Director, Mrs. Eniye Alile also present during the chat, noted that the training programme will also expose the students to skills and knowledge which may not be taught /practiced in the regular classrooms but are highly required in the work environment. She went on to allude that these skills cannot be re-emphasized as they are the skills of tomorrow and are fast becoming essential life-skills. The initial concept of the CWG Academy was for its own use to develop raw skills needed for its business.

The idea was to equip CWG staff and make them more productive. However, in the last 10 years, it has strengthened its capacity and facility to accommodate people from all works of life that require Technology Training’s and boasts of having graduated over 1,350 students and counting. Today, the academy can equally boasts of successful people who have passed through the system; some of whom are absolved by the company and client organizations, whilst others have gone on to start their own businesses and are today successful entrepreneurs.