CWG Plc, has adduced reasons why it’s supporting Micro-finance banks in Nigeria with technology solutions that enable them to run their operations effectively and grow. The company, which is today a Pan-African ICT Company because of the establishment of regional offices in East and Central Africa said with the specialized services it provides to revolutionize the Micro-finance banking space, the banks are being able to offer their customers several electronic channel services such as debit cards, mobile and internet banking in their own little way. Specifically, CWG disclosed that its both on-premise and cloud enabled solution, Fin Edge, has given Micro-finance banks the opportunity to run seamless quality financial transactions. “Fin Edge, a full-fledged core banking application which supports financial inclusion and other financial products has helped Micro-finance banks to optimize the use of technology in making a customized, in depth solutions that helped manage their transactions optimally.” said Bola Adisa, CWG’s Financial Services Group, Director According to Bola Adisa, with Fin Edge, Micro-finance banks can also integrate other electronic channel solutions available to commercial banks, without incurring the as much costs associated with setting up such infrastructure. He noted that, CWG with over 15 years has experience in deploying a global leading core banking applications, Finacle, and has translated that experience to having its own locally developed core banking application called Fin Edge.

The Fin Edge core banking has been scaled for the Micro-finance banks to use to improve its operations. Presently, CWG is one of the largest system integration company in Nigeria, with ICT services footprint in cross industries and with cutting edge technology solutions. CWG also plays big in the ATM services to banks having deployed over 4,000 ATM’s and currently manages and support over 2,200 ATM’s for banks. CWG is taking ATM services further through her ATM-As-A-Service (ATMaaS) initiative. CWG through the provided services is a major player and force to be reckoned with in the banking industry in Nigeria.