A Technology Enthusiast cum Financial Solutions Expert, Mr. Bola Adisa has urged Nigerian Youths to learn new digital skills to stay relevant or lose out in the present scheme of things, where jobs meant for only those with digital capabilities are available.

Mr. Adisa, who happens to be the Business Director for Financial Services Institutions (FSI) at CWG Plc stated this on the heel of some heated discussions in some quarters; where it’s being argued that technology is causing disruption everywhere, particularly in the labour market; with many people losing their jobs.

“I believe that where technology makes 50 people lose their jobs, it creates another 100 jobs for people who have the needed skills. All that is needed is to be innovative and leverage technology, which is an enabler to create jobs and ultimately become an employer of labour,” he told Journalists on the sideline of a Digital Banking Event, organized by CWG Plc in partnership with Infosys Finacle of India, in Lagos last week.

The rise of the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Sector, as well as the adoption of Business Outsourcing Practices that intentionally hire from within the underemployed demographics; such as youths, provides a clear opportunity to right the course of unemployment in the country.

With this glaring opportunity, Adisa said Nigerians as a whole, but most especially the youths; must explore different strategies to tackle the employment crisis in the country, as the Government at all levels do not have the sole capacity to provide desired jobs for the youths.

Adisa believes that making the most of information the internet has to offer in order to acquire the right digital skillset, will enable the youths grow businesses, career and confidence which is the best way to boost growth across Africa, whose economies are growing at an unprecedented pace.

He added that job creation is not at par with the growth of youth population, as 400 million people under the age of 25 will be in need of sustainable employment by 2050, if the continent continues along its current growth trajectory.

He noted that CWG Plc, is aware of this lacuna in the job-place environment and is offering professional trainings in that regard to help close the growth-gap between Africa and the rest of the World in the digital space.  The opportunities for training, according to Adisa, is a part of CWG’s effort to ensure the Youths in Nigeria are properly positioned to take on the right jobs and by extension have the capacity to create job opportunities for others. The CWG Academy has also begun to actively extend these trainings to Secondary School Students, who are interested in Computers, Coding and Analytics.